Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wexford strawberries!

Béibhinn and I went to visit my Granny, her great granny in Wexford today and everyone knows that Wexford have the best strawberries. So I bought a punnet on the way home and they were on the menu for today's breakfast. There is mixed advise about strawberries before one year, but if there is no allergy history in the family most people have nothing to worry about and it is just as a precaution you would hold off. Anyway, what fun Béibhinn had with her new red and juicy friends. I have never seen her so animated when eating before. I don't know if she found it bitter but her face was a bit scrunchy, she continued murdering the little strawberry and ignored her old friend the rice cake! She gagged quite alot with the strawberry much more than any other food she has tried, but she was fine and sorted it out and swallowed quite alot of it. A bit hit and a big mess!

1 comment:

  1. Oh man u better have brought me home a punnet too!!! How cute she looks x