Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dinner anyone?

Last night Philip and I were having chicken fillets with roast baby potatoes and carrots in olive oil, thyme and parsley. I am just introducing fruit and veg for this week, so I popped a few potatoe halves and carrots on Béibhinn's table and let her do what she would with them. Carrot was the first victim and sucked to an inch of it's orange little life. All the other carrots I had given her before were either steamed or boiled and no way did she enjoy them as much as the roasted ones last night. All bits of thyme and parsley on her face, just perfect. She took a little chunk off and played with it in her mouth, practicing her chewing skills, she spat some out and swallowed the rest. Next the potato, I was very excited about this, seeing as it was a new food. She picked it straight up and into the mouth... chomp. Her face was priceless. I love baby led weaning so much as she gets to explore her food, seeing different texture to foods, how to hold slippery foods and softer foods. How sometimes she needs to use both hands for the more tricky foods. She's just like her daddy and loves her potatoes. After a while she got bored and her bib and strap of the highchair were just as yummy, she thought!

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