Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby led weaning

I thought I'd share on our next step to growing up!

Well Béibhinn is hitting the 6 month mark this week and with that comes the introduction to food other than boobie milk! Like everything else to do with my pregnancy, birth etc.... I have read, read and read some more and I came across Baby led weaning; no spoons, no mush just self feeding from the start. Have a read of Gill Rapley's book, Baby led weaning. It will explain it much more eloquently than I ever could.

The traditional way of weaning is the road most take, if you wait until the recommended 6 months to introduce solids you can by pass all the puree. Béibhinn's first introduction to food was broccoli, more ended up in her hair, creases of her neck and the floor but did she have fun?! One of her favorites is cucumber sticks, especially when they are just out of the fridge, she chops away, while singing and blowing raspberries! Banana is also a favourite, well her favorite thing is squelching it in her hands!!

In our first week we have tried broccoli, carrot, melon, pineapple, banana, cucumber and pear. All of which we have seen bit and pieces in her nappies, so something must be going in. Eating isn't the objective for the moment!

Remember !!Food is just fun until they're 1!!

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  1. Oh Iseult, she is gas! So vocal, just like Finn. I have got Finn on steamed apples and pears, but he loves his potato and pumpkin...what a little irish boy huh?!
    I was told to try him on just one type of food for 3 days at a time to make sure he isn't allergic to what we introduce to him- so far so good, but my new washing liquid I got from Lidl has got to go as I think we are all breaking out in a rash from it, argh!
    Love the blog, keep it up,
    Love Janey xxx