Thursday, May 14, 2009


This morning we had banana on rice cakes for breakfast. I bought unsalted, organic rice cakes in the shops, just normal brand, not a big fan of formula companies here!! So I mashed banana on top, halved the rice cake and left them on her table while having one myself. Well, seeing that the idea is baby eats what you eats, I had to skip the fry and have mashed banana on rice cakes too! How healthy am I?
Béibhinn was having trouble with trying to pick up the rice cakes and kept on looking at me munching away on mine and put her hand out, mine was considerably smaller as I had munched away 3/4 of it and I handed it over. What a clever little girl. Yes, mashed banana on rice cakes is a hit here. Yet when she had thrown all the reaming bits of rice cake and banana over board she just sucked and gnawed on her highchair table. Which may I add was a lot messier than it was 10 minutes prior!

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